Organizational Support Services

TEAM Corporation offers a multitude of services to organizations and their employees, including their dependents.

TEAM Organizational Support Services

As behavioral health experts, TEAM provides consultation to management on matters that involve employee concerns or performance issues. Retaining valued employees starts with healthy employees. TEAM provides confidential support to both management and employees to help them realize the best possible outcomes.

Fitness for Duty (FFD) Referral
This type of referral is generally considered a mandatory referral and is often supported by workplace policy and procedure. This type of referral is indicated if an employer determines that an employee/member may be impaired in the workplace. This impairment may be a chemical (i.e. drugs/alcohol) and/or psychiatric impairment. Many times there are multiple co-occurring issues that need to be addressed. The key factor is that the employer has determined that there is an imminent threat to the workplace if the employee/member remains in the workplace. Under this type of referral, TEAM will facilitate a thorough evaluation and then assist in determining 1). Is the employee/member fit to return to work, 2). If not fit, what recommendations are indicated in order for that employee to return to work. Once the assessment is completed, TEAM will manage the case and serve as the conduit of information between the employer and provider(s). This allows for the employer to focus on getting the employee/member to a professional resource and yet still provides the employee/member with the necessary privacy to protect their health information.

Call TEAM to make a Fitness for Duty referral at (651) 642-0182 or (800) 634-7710.

Submit Fitness for Duty Referral form (submitted by supervisors/managers)

Supervisor Referral
This type of referral is to help supervisor/managers identify and help employees/members obtain assistance to ensure that they are functioning optimally (or return to optimal functioning) in the workplace. The supervisory referral is a management tool in that it provides the supervisor an option to refer marginal employees/members to a professional resource for assessment and referral (if indicated). Typically this referral type is not mandatory, but follow through with the referral is strongly suggested. If the employee/member contacts TEAM, a professional counselor will conduct a thorough assessment and facilitate the most appropriate intervention. With the proper release, TEAM will also follow up with the supervisor to update them on compliance only with the referral. By utilizing the supervisory referral to assist in helping the employee/member, the supervisor is able to detach from a helping role to focusing solely on job performance.

Call TEAM to make a Supervisory Referral at (651) 642-0182 or (800) 634-7710.

Submit Supervisory Referral form (submitted by supervisors/managers)

Critical Incident Response (CIR)
When the unexpected incident occurs on the job such as the death of an employee, accidents or tragedies on the job, or a mass reduction in employment for example, TEAM will respond with professional counseling services to help those involved through the stress and emotions associated with the incident. TEAM utilizes a “strengths-based” approach to leverage an employee’s natural resiliency.

TEAM counselors will provide immediate consultation to management when responding to critical incidents, facilitate groups and offer one-to-one direct support at the work site.

Our goal is to help management respond effectively while supporting employees in regaining a sense of safety and returning to pre-incident levels.

Call TEAM today to consult with an EAP Counselor about a CIR at
(651) 642-0182 or (800) 634-7710.

Workshops / Trainings / Orientations
TEAM offers workshops, trainings and orientations to management and employees to equip all individuals with the skills and knowledge to respond effectively.

Topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Orientation to TEAM services
  • Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution or Mediation
  • Communication
  • Diversity & Inclusion in the Work Place
TEAM is able to customize additional trainings, workshops and orientations upon requests.

Contact TEAM Office Manager, Courtney VanDerHeyDen at (651) 204-4015 to arrange your next training.

TEAM Services:

  • Counseling Services:
    • Alcohol or Drug Problems
    • Depression/Anxiety
    • Grief/Loss
    • Stress Management
    • Relationships
    • Communication
    • Workplace issues
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  • Organizational Support Services:
    • Fitness for Duty (FFD) referral
    • Supervisory referral
    • Critical Incident Response (CIR)
    • Trainings, Workshops, Orientations
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  • Work-Life Support Services
    • Financial Counseling
    • Legal Consultation
    • Childcare/Eldercare
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